Our accounting office offers accountancy and payroll calculation.



  • Keeping books and supplementary records for registered companies in accordance with Accounting Act
  • Revenue and expense ledgers with supplementary records
  • Flat rate records
  • Personnel and payroll services including keeping records, consulting and reporting on-a-current basis in compliance with applicable procedures
  • Consulting for accountancy, planning and business running
  • Incorporating companies in National Court Register (KRS) and KRS data update
  • Settlement of tax and accounting arrears
  • Temporary support in particular accounting services



  • Keeping accounting and tax books with supplementary records (fixed assets and payroll register, VAT purchase and sales ledgers, stock turnover files)
  • Account assignment, record authorization and filing source documents
  • Supervising and checking accounting records for accuracy
  • Preparation and delivery of due and supplementary statements and reports (VAT, CIT, PIT, INTRASTAT) to offices and representing client before office staff
  • Drawing and collecting applications and clearance certificate at Tax Office (US) and Social Insurance (ZUS)
  • Preparing financial reports, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, cash flow statements, additional information pursuant to Polish and international accountancy standards
  • Periodical inspection of client’s settlements with tax institutions and contractors (accounts receivable)
  • Keeping supplementary records (cash reports, bank reports etc.)
  • Drawing up and collecting standard documents for employment and termination of job contracts
  • Calculating salaries together with individual and corporate payrolls
  • Calculating monthly tax deductions and ZUS installments
  • Calculating benefits paid by employers on behalf of ZUS
  • Drawing up monthly reports on tax and ZUS liabilities (DRA, RNA, ZUA, ZWUA)
  • Preparing monthly reports on payrolls with bank transfers to offices
  • Drawing up and filing annual tax settlements and calculating annual tax liabilities
  • Preparing loan applications
  • Drawing financial analysis of the company
  • Keeping records of transactions with capital-affiliated entities
  • Preparing account plans and accountancy policies
  • Drawing up guidelines, regulations and documents required under Commercial Companies Code
  • Preparing reports for Central Office of Statistics (GUS), Polish National Bank (NBP) etc.
  • Other services tailored individually for clients